Cem Saçar, a graduate of Istanbul University Faculty of Communication, started his career as a reporter in the program Temiz Eller with Yıldırım Çavlı, which was broadcast on Show TV in 1995. After working in this position for 2 years, Saçar signed with NTV in 1997 and started working as a reporter for her new channel. Saçar's NTV adventure lasted 3 years, and the path of the experienced name crossed with Kanal D.

Working with Kanal D for 2 years, Saçar returned to Show TV, the channel where she started her career, in 2002 as an Editor - Reporter.

Saçar transferred to Kanaltürk television, which was founded by Tuncay Özkan, with the title of News Manager in 2004. The name, whose paths crossed with NTV again in 2010, became Channel D News Manager in July 2018 after staying here for 8 years.

The experienced person who teaches Media and Communication at Bahçeşehir University is also among the founders of the Hollywood Turkish Film Festival, which was held for the first time in Los Angeles last year.



Ajola Daja Biography


Writer and director Ajola Daja established her production company, A. R. Production, after graduating with a major in screenplay writing from the Marubi Film School in Tirana, Albania. Since then Ajola Daja through A.R. Production has collaborated on various film projects, also producing Balkan’s Gate Project, changing hats from the producer of the upcoming creative documentary LIGHT (2017) to being the co-writer of Florenc Papas  feature dramatic film, OPEN DOOR, premiered at Sarajevo Film Festival 2019. After directing several short fiction films in 2016, ANA and BROTHER AND SISTER, Daja is currently finishing her first feature length film as writer, director and producer titled EMILI and developing her second feature “Made of dust”.

Steve Johnson

Born In Lıverpool, England, But Now Resıdıng In Scotland, Steve Is A Self Taught Fılm Dırector And Cınematographer.
His love for film first began after seeing Star Wars at the Futurist Theatre in Liverpool. In 2003, Steve created Futuristfilm Ltd. To produce his own films. Later, in 2013, Steve established Futurist Digital Ltd. - a rental company based in Glasgow, Scotland, offering RED Digital Camera hire and training.

Over the years, Steve developed his skills on the Red Digital Cinema Camera and later became a freelance instructor and course producer for their REDucation courses. He has taught in many cities across the globe including Amsterdam; Berlin; Brisbane; Dubai; London; Los Angeles; Madrid; Moscow; Oslo and Singapore.

Steve's second feature film 'Convergence' won Best Feature Film at the 2019 British Independent Film Festival and also gained nominations for Best Actor; Best Supporting Actress; Best Supporting Actor and Best Cinematography.

Convergence also won Best Feature Film at the 2019 Cardiff International Feature Film and a Special Jury Award at the 2019 Antakya International Film Festival.

Talip Karamahmutoğlu

He was born in 1972 in Trabzon. He did his cinema education in London. He has directed various commercials and television films. Girdap made his first feature film with his movie.

Director Filmography: To Live - 2020 .... Narrative Fiction, 01:49:00 If You Could Be Seniors - 2018 (Narrative Fiction).

Mezarcı - 2016 (Narrative Fiction), Student Affairs - 2015 (Narrative Fiction), I Have a Story - 2013 (Narrative Fiction), Execution - 2008 (Narrative Fiction), Girdap - 2008 (Narrative Fiction), Love Written on Stone - 2006 (TV Series), You Are Little - 2004 (TV Movie)

Documentary Films He Directed: System Against Music - 2010 (Documentary),

Other Filmography I Have a Story - 2012 .... Screenplay (Narrative Fiction) Girdap - 2008 .... Screenplay (Narrative Fiction)

Cem Bender

Born in Trabzon, Cem Bender graduated from Karadeniz Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture. He then completed his master's degree in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning.
Famous actor Cem Bender, who met with cinema in 1990, gave life to the character of Mahmut in the movie "Berdel". Then Tangle, Sultan's Authority, Captive Hearts, Dawn Time, Hidden Faces, Dreamlike, Fall Pain, Black Snake, Labyrinth, Güldünya, Heavy Novel New World, Foreigners at Home, Magnificent Century, Naked Truth, Silent, Kurt Seyit and Şura Gülperi, Cem Bender, who played in TV series and movies like Your Story, was awarded the Golden Orange National Film Competition Best Actor Award.


David Li

David Li, Producer|Director|Writer Mr. David Li studied at a School for Arts in China in his early years. He became acquainted with film and television arts at a young age. After immigrating to Canada, Mr. Li created multiple feature films with local professionals that reflected the lives of local Chinese as well as in contemporary China.

In 2017, David Li joined New Century Films. He wrote the screenplay and directed the first film for New Century Film, . This film won the Grand Prize Award at the 2018 Canada International Film Festival. To date, Director Li's works have won over 60 awards at international film festivals.

Throughout his 10+ years producing films, Director Li has devoted his works to messages that enlighten people. Remaining true to divinely-inspired aesthetics, his films have been lauded as a fresh, new direction in the film industry. Director Li’s goal is that through the exploration of divinely-inspired arts and culture, he can contribute to a renewal of traditional aesthetics in the film industry, as well as a return to being vehicles of hope.


Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Erkan Turan

Dr. Lecturer Erkan Turan, who completed his undergraduate education at Istanbul University, Faculty of Letters, received his Master's Degree in Journalism Department of the same university and his Doctorate degree in Radio TV Cinema Department. Academic career; Starting in Istanbul University Faculty of Communication, Department of Radio, Television and Cinema, Dr. Lecturer Erkan Turan has worked as a manager in Istanbul University News Agency (İÜHA) and Radio News Agency, in addition to his academic studies at the university. Dr. Turan started to work as a reporter at TRT Istanbul News Directorate in 2002. As a reporter for the Prime Ministry, Dr. Turan also has experience as a war correspondent in the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. Continuing his profession at TRT, especially with live broadcasts and presentations, Dr. Turan also works at various universities, especially at Istanbul University; He has taught television journalism, news and text writing techniques, interview techniques, live broadcast and presentation techniques, television program production, television program planning, photo journalism, newspaper writing types, literary journalism and television news applications. Dr. Lecturer Erkan Turan has publications in various national and international journals. Dr. Erkan Turan has started to work in the Faculty of Communication of Commerce University since 2021, after he was the head of the Radio, Television and Cinema Department as a faculty member in the Department of Radio, Television and Cinema at Fenerbahçe University Communication Faculty since 2018. Research Areas Journalism, New Media, Digital Publishing, War Journalism, Conflict Management, Media Literacy. A Critique of Technological Determinism and a Qualitative Analysis on Journalism


Kürşat Kızbaz

Born in 1981, Kürşat KIZBAZ is a graduate of Istanbul University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Radio-TV and Cinema. Rumi-Ahlaf, which he directed in 2002, reached millions in 200 countries all over the world through Discovery Channel, Discovery Europe and NTVmsnbc.

Kürşat KIZBAZ, who completed the production of more than 70 documentary films to be broadcasted on THY aircraft screens for the last 14 years, realized the 'Filming Turkey' project for the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 2019 by making 40 different films, the video promotion portal Site 'was awarded.

Kursat KIZBAZ numerous advertising films, film and attract publicity and implied in Turkey has been implementing a number of special and promotional video image of the city.

Reza Siami 

Born in 1966, Ardebil, Iran

Cinema graduate from Tehran in 1991

Directed five feature films, two TV series  and approximately 50 documentaries

Teaches Cinema

Jury member in local and international Film festivals including Istanbul’s Silk Road Film Festival

Organizer of Iranian Turkish Film weeks in Istanbul, Malatya and Baku

Kevın Schmutzler

Born in Germany April 1990. Since then somehow shooting everywhere but in Germany. Easily mistaken for his brother and co-director Tobias Schmutzler. The Munich based directors-duo is focusing on movies that have the power to create social change.

During his studies in Theatre Science (B.A.) Schmutzler shot various shorts leading to his first mid-length feature Away about water shortage in India (2014). In 2015 Kevin and his bother Toby founded FILMCREW as a production company for sustainable movie-making. After the 360 experience “Crossing Borders” (2017), a Kinshasa-based documentary “Where the Street Ends” (2017) and his master studies in Media Management (M.A.), Kevin and Toby released their first full-length feature Robin: Watch for Wishes in 2018. Attached to a social impact campaign called “Watch for Wishes”, the brothers use “Robin” to raise donations for children in need around the globe. In 2018/19 “Robin” has attendet more than 50 festivals around the world including the World Film Festival in Montreal. “Robin” is internationally distributed by Dean Devlin’s Electric entertainment.

After his stage debut with “Hunger and Greed” right before the Covid crisis, Kevin and Toby wrote, shot and edited “Lockdown Movie” durching the Covid-Lockdown in spring 2020. The feature film was recently sold to Buffalo8 Productions in Los Angeles.

Right now, the brothers are preparing “Game of Goats”, a feature about NGO work in Africa that is produced by the Prince of Bavaria and Malao Film (Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver). Shooting shall commence early next year as soon as the Covid situation allows it.

Özlem Tuğçe Keleş

Undergraduate education at Kadir Has University Communication Faculty Cinema TV Department

Özlem Tuğçe Keleş completed her Master's Program in Communication Sciences at Kadir Has University with her thesis titled “Local Fiction, Adaptation, Re-production: Science Fiction During Yeşilçam”. Keleş graduated from Yeditepe University Media Studies Doctorate Program in 2019 with her thesis on the history of cinema and early Turkish cinema, and received the Future Filmmaker award in 2010. Working on theories of communication, Turkish cinema, Cinema and history, and sociology of cinema, Keleş's feature-length script studies are also continuing.

He is now the Head of Nişantaşı University New Media Department.

Doç. Dr. Hakan Alp

He completed his undergraduate education in the field of Political Science at Istanbul University Faculty of Political Sciences and his master's degree in Communication Arts. Hakan Alp, who completed his doctoral education in the field of Journalism at Istanbul University Institute of Social Sciences, received the title of Associate Professor as of 2019.

During his career, Assoc. Dr. Hakan Alp has scientific articles and book studies published in many national and international journals. Assoc. Dr. Hakan Alp has been working as the Program Director of Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa Technical Sciences Vocational School Radio and Television Technologies Program since 2019.