'Altındefne' award winners of the 7th International Film Festival of Antakya

The 'Altındefne' awards of the 7th International Film Festival of Antakya organized between 20-26 December 2019 by Ansam Cultural Association and Fotofilm were announced. At the festival where 830 films from 54 countries competed, the Jury was very careful in determining the awards.

"We, together with our jury members, have decided to leave love and hatred aside and to stay away from our prejudices in order to be able to give the award to their real owners," said Jury President Talip Karamahmutoğlu.


Festival director Mehmet Oflazoğlu said, “Staying at the final is already an award in itself. A fair selection was made with jury members with a high sense of justice. Our festival will continue its journey by renewing itself in the future. We thank all the institutions and people who contributed. ”


The jury members of the festival:

Talip Karamahmutoğlu is the scriptwriter and director of the Main Jury Presidency.

Academician, writer, director Dr. Cengis T. Asiltürk

Actor Mehmet Çepiç

Academician, Television Workers Owners Association (SETEM) Board Member Producer Dr. Hakan Dikmen

Screenwriter Kamuran Süner

Antakya 7th International Film Festival International Narrative Feature Competition


  1. Best Film White Fish season / Ghorban Najafi
  2. Best Director Kapan / Seyit Çolak / Turkey
  3. Best Script Güven film / Sefa Öztürk Çolak / Turkey
  4. Best Man - Omar and Us / Cem Bender Turkey
  5. Best Female Player Kei Kinoshita / Immortal Hero / Hiroshi Akabane / Japan
  6. Best supporting actress award

Zoya Huseyn / Namdev Bhau / India / Dar Gai

  1. Best Supporting Male - KAPAN / Sami Aksu / Turkey
  2. Best Art Direction - Origin Bound / Canada / David Li
  3. Best music- A cage two bird / Michael Mambole / France / Mustafa Ozgun
  4. Best Editing- Immortal Hero / Japan / Hiroshi Akabane
  5. Jury Special Award - Converenge / Steve Johnson / United Kingdom


Short film jury of the 7th International Film Festival of Antakya:

9 Eylül University DEU GSF Film Design Department Head Assoc. Dr. Ragıp Chess

Okan University Cinema Department lecturer Dr. Bahar Kılıç Adilce and Bilkent University, Communication and Design, Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. Kagan Olguntürk


International Short Film Fiction Competition

Best Film Award / Best Short film

Miss Man / Tathagata Ghosh / India

Jry Special Prize

White Tree / Farima Khalili / Iran

Special Jury Prize / Spectator Special Prize

Macbetto / Annalisa Ciaramella & Otwin Biernat / Italy


International Fictional Student Student Short Films Competition

Best Film Award / Best Short film

Punishment / Jalal Veisi / Iran

Jury Special Award / Jry Special Prize

Bayern Munich / Negin Aminzadeh / Iran


International Animation Competition / Animation

Best Film Award / Best film

Avarya / Gökalp Gönen / Turkey

Jury Special Award / Jry Special Prize

Butterflıes in Berlin / Monica Manganelli / Italy


International Experimental Competition / Experimental

Best Film Award / Best film

Casiopea / Fernando Manso / Spain

Jury Special Award / Jry Special Prize

Of Pets & Dinner / Kew Lin / United Kingdom


Documentary Jury of Antakya 7th International Film Festival:

Producer - Documentary Director Berrin Balay Tuncer

Documentary Filmmakers Association Member, Producer - Documentary Director Tahsin İşbilen

TRT Documentary Director Ferda Gürcan

Academician, video-activist Sibel Tekin

Documentary Director, Creative Industries Platform Assistant Coordinator Ece Güneş Saadetyan


International Feature Documentary Competition

Best Film Award

Kazım / Dilek Kaya

Jury special prize

Orphan Hotel / Rıdvan Karaman

Spectator special award

Clouds / Osman Nuri Iyem


International Short Documentary Competition

Best Film Award

Big Lies / Igor Runov / United States

Jury special prize

Libra / Mehmet İsmail Çeçen & Ramazan Akkus


Antakya - Hatay Documentary Competition

Best Film Award

Amik Lake / Ezel Avcı

Jury special prize

Vakıflı / Duygu Sebzeci